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March 2014:
Keynote at Designing with Uncertainty Workshop of the PAnDA project !

February 2014:
Start of the Continuous on-line adaptation in many-core systems: From graceful degradation to graceful amelioration EPSRC Grant.

September 2013:
Start of the Bio-inspired Adaptive Architectures and Systems EPSRC Platform Grant!

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The design for these pages are based on a css template of Andreas Viklund. During the course of writing the pages I adapted a few things to my needs.

Welcome to my page!

Here's the demo GCI image compression demo!

Like almost everybody below the age of 100, I always felt the urge of knocking up my own homepage, hence, here it is. This page consists of different sections that are related to my interests and work as a researcher, projects I am (and have been) working on and leisure activities. I hope that my work related stuff will be a useful source of information and helpful for other people's research.

As my current favorite leisure activities are taking pictures and food, you will find a lot of photos and links to digital photography tutorials and recipes on these pages. It would be absolutely great, if you could find something that is inspiring for you or something that is just nice to look at or read while surfing the web.

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Please be aware that I cannot guarantee that all information on this site is correct. In case you spot a mistake somewhere or you want to contribute, please feel free to contact me.